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Trying some new coffee
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Trying some new coffee

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I broke 1,000 notes on one photo! Thanks guys!

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Shot some self portraits tonight in the studio. Feels good not to have the stress of an assignment over your head while you do what you love. Cannot wait to start editing.

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Sometimes it is the simply easy shoots that remind me why I love photography.

Self No. 5
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Self No. 5

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My whole world is shifting…

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Feb 11, 2014

First time collaborating with a graphic designer for a class assignment, it was very stressful…

Self #4
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Self #4

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cherche-et-trouve asked: Can I just share my appreciation for your work? You sir have talent and I can't wait to see more work coming from you.

Well thank you it’s always nice to know that people kind find appreciation in my work. And I can’t wait to see what I produce in the future either.

Jan 7, 2014

peterbridgstock asked: Not a question just a thank you for sharing your work, I get my ideas for paintings from photos . ( I always ask permission before using though) great gallery. Peace Pete

Well thank you I hope you find inspiration in my work.

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Self #2

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Empty Dreams

This series is about children who have dreams but aren’t able to live them. The images were taken back during the early 1900’s where children did not have much of a childhood. They were made to work on the family farm or go to the city to work in sweat shops to help raise money for their family so that they could survive. I wanted to touch on how children have dreams and should be able to live them. The dreams in these images are empty because they will never be reached due to the circumstances that they live in.